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Publications, Awards and External Media Coverage

Published March 1, 2021 in People and Nature "Tapping birdwatchers to promote bird-friendly coffee consumption and conserve birds"  Alicia Williams, Ashley A. Dayer, J. Nicolas Hernandez-Aguilera, Tina B. Phillips, Holly Faulkner-Grant, Miguel I. Gómez, Amanda D. Rodewald

Published February 2021 in Social Science & Medicine Volume 270 "Psychosocial impacts of post-disaster compensation processes: Community-wide avoidance behaviors" Liesel A.Ritchie, Michael A.Long

Published January 27, 2021 in Nature volume 589 "Half a century of global decline in oceanic sharks and rays" Nathan Pacoureau, Cassandra L. Rigby, Peter M. Kyne, Richard B. Sherley, Henning Winker, John K. Carlson, Sonja V. Fordham, Rodrigo Barreto, Daniel Fernando, Malcolm P. Francis, Rima W. Jabado, Katelyn B. Herman, Kwang-Ming Liu, Andrea D. Marshall, Riley A. Pollom, Evgeny V. Romanov, Colin A. Simpfendorfer, Jamie S. Yin, Holly K. Kindsvater & Nicholas K. Dulvy  

Published December 10, 2020 in Nature Reviews Earth & Environment volume 2 "Measuring, modelling and projecting coastal land subsidence" Manoochehr Shirzaei, Jeffrey Freymueller, Torbjörn E. Törnqvist, Devin L. Galloway, Tina Dura & Philip S. J. Minderhoud 

Published December 9, 2020 in Insects "Effects of Enzymatic Hydrolysis on the Functional Properties, Antioxidant Activity and Protein Structure of Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens) Protein" by Inayat Batish, Devon Brits, Pedro Valencia, Caio Miyai, Shamil Rafeeq, Yixiang Xu, Magdalini Galanopoulos, Edward Sismour and Reza Ovissipour

Awarded December 2, 2020 Kai Curry-Lindahl Award to Jim Fraser by the Waterbird Society for decades of work on the demography and conservation of Piping Plovers (Charadrius melodus) and other beach-nesting birds

Published November 2020 by the Duke Nicholas Institute, Report: "Analysis of Environmental and Economic Impacts of Hydropower Imports for New York City through 2050" Ryan S.D. Calder, Mark E. Borsuk and Celine S. Robinson

Published January 20, 2020 in Environmental Hazards "Limbo: the unintended consequences of home buyout programmes on peripheral communities" Sherri B. Binder, Liesel A. Ritchie, Rose Bender, Alexis Thiel, Charlene K. Baker, Emily Badillo, Sophia Goodfellow, Bethann Kulp & Paige Weir

Published August 13, 2019 in Environmental Hazards "Factors influencing stress response avoidance behaviors following technological disasters: A case study of the 2008 TVA coal ash spill" Liesel A. Ritchie, Duane A. Gill & Michael A. Long